tiistai 28. kesäkuuta 2016

My trip to Florence and Europass school

My name is Pirita and I work as a computing teacher in Lapua Adult Education Centre. I was a Erasmus course in wonderful Tuscany, in its capital Florence. My school was called Europass, and it is profiled as a language school, but it teach even much more! I chose from schools high course selection a course of video making. My course was at June 13th to June 18th.

I picked up this course because I am interested learning more about video making and editing. At the same time I also did some small, secret job shadowing, because I'm interested, how local teacher teaches hers subject and what programs and devices she used.

My friends on the course were from Finland, Germany, Turkey and Cyprys. We have really nice and fun time together :) During the course, we made this small film.

I have never been in Italy before, so it was really nice to travel there :) I really fell in love to Italy and Tuscany and I decided to go back there again! Here is some pics from my trip.

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